Republic of the Philippines
Major On-Going Projects
  ▪ Amvel Mansions 3-Towers
  ▪ MCU 5-Story Bldg
  ▪ Annuit 3-Story Bldg
  ▪ Harbour View Square
  ▪ U-BIX Admin Bldg
  ▪ UST - Multi-Deck Parking
  ▪ UST Hi-Rise Building 1

Power Generation and Distribution
  ▪ San Roque Multi-Purpose Power Plant
  ▪ Calaca Coal-Fired Power Plant
  ▪ Bacon-Manito Geothermal Power Plant
  ▪ Makban Geothermal Binary Power Plant
  ▪ Mauban Coal-Fired Power Plant
  ▪ Palinpinon Fluid Collection & Disposal System
  ▪ EHV Switchyard and Transmission Lines
  ▪ Sucat-Araneta Switchyard Power Distribution
  ▪ Botong-Bacman Transmission Lines
  ▪ Sucat-Gardner Transmission Lines

Industrial Plants
  ▪ Fujitsu Semi-Conductor Plant
  ▪ Toyota Motors (Phils) - Car Assembly &
      Transmission Plant
  ▪ Clarion Electronics Manufacturing Complex
  ▪ Commodore Electronics Manufacturing
  ▪ National Electric Company (NEC) Appliances
      Manufacturing Plant
  ▪ Naptha Cracker Petro-Chemical Plant

  ▪ The Enterprise (Civil Work Only)
  ▪ Asian Development Bank (Civil Work Only)
  ▪ Philippine Trade Training Center
  ▪ Don Mariano Marcose Memorial State
  ▪ Philippine Rice & Research Institute
  ▪ Philippine Institute of Pure & Applied

  ▪ EDSA MRT III Project

Water Works
  ▪ Integrated Jala-Jala Rural Development:
      Rice Mill and Water Distribution Facilities
  ▪ Leyte Water Supply System
  ▪ La Trinidad, Benguet:
      Highland Integrated Rural Development

  ▪ DOTC National Telephone Program
  ▪ DIGITEL Repeater Tower & Outside Plant
  ▪ AT&T Outside Plant

  ▪ Providence 5-Story Condominiums
  ▪ Pacific Grand Villa Townhouses
  ▪ 1,600 Unit Low-Income Housing:
      National Housing Authority

Resort and Entertainment Parks
  ▪ Clark/Angeles City:
      Freedom Ring Amphitheatre
  ▪ Clark/Angeles City - Theme Park
  ▪ Club Panoly Beach Resort Complex
  ▪ 400-Bed Hospital (Samawa, Iraq)
  ▪ 400-Bed Hospital (Nasiriyah, Iraq)
  ▪ Athletic College (Baghdad, Iraq)
  ▪ Workshops and Store Complex (Falluja, Iraq)
  ▪ Conference Center (Baghdad, Iraq)
  ▪ Baghdad Palace (Baghdad, Iraq)
  ▪ Hospital Operation & Maintenance
     (Baghdad, Iraq)
  ▪ 4,000-Unit Government Housing (Mosoul, Iraq)

  Saudi Arabia

  ▪ Power Generation Plant
     (Qurrayah, Saudi Arabia)
  ▪ Power Generation/Water Desalination Plant
     (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)
  ▪ Naptha PetroChemical Processing Plant
     (Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia)
  ▪ Bridge (Connecting Bahrain and Saudi Arabia)
  ▪ Royal Saudi Airbase Infrastructure
     (Tabuk, Saudi Arabia)

  Other Countries
  ▪ Cement Plant (Amman, Jordan)
  ▪ Power Generation/Water Desalination Plant
     (Barboda, Antigua)
  ▪ Center for Telecommunication
     (Republic of Maldives)

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