United States of America
Amman & Whitney
Bechtel Overseas Corporation
Birdair, Inc.
Fluor Daniel
Goldbelt Eagle, LLP
James Cooke Consultants
Louis Berger International, Inc.
Mero Structures, Inc.
Robert Lorelli & Associates
Rymek International, Inc
Washington International Inc.

  United Kingdom
Babtie BMT Harris & Sutherland
DG Jones & Partners, Inc.
George Berry and Partners
Rotary International

Asahi Synchrotech Corporation
Fujikura Ltd.
Hazama-Gumi Co., Ltd.
Itochu Corporation
Kanematsu Corporation
Kumagai-Gumi Co., Ltd.
Marubeni Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
NEC System Integration & Construction, Ltd.
Nissho-Iwai Corporation
Niigata Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sankyu, Inc.
Sumitomo Corporation
Taisei Corporation
The Furukawa Electric Corporation
Tobishima Corporation

Asea Brown Boveri
Gesselschaft Fur Electriche Anlagen Gmbh
Walter-Thosti Boswau A.G.
  Parent Company
SELEGNA Holdings Corporation


  Holdings Group
     ▪  LAPU-LAPU Holdings Corporation
     ▪  INDOPHIL Holdings Corporation
  Construction and Development Group
     ▪  TAISEI PHIL Construction, Inc.
     ▪  ASAHI MANILA Development Corporation
     ▪  NI SELEGNA Construction Corporation
     ▪  HARRIS & SUTHERLAND Phil. Corporation

  Properties Group
     ▪  ASKON REALTY Development Corporation
     ▪  EHA Properties Corporation
     ▪  ZPA Properties Corporation
     ▪  MEPA Properties Corporation
     ▪  MEEDSON Properties Corporation
  Agro-Industrial Group
     ▪  SELEGNA Farms Corporation

Other Partner Companies
   ABB Soimi Engineering & Contracting
        SPA of Spain
   A. De Meester S.P.R.L. of Belgium
   Ansaldo/GIE Spa of Italy
   Ballast Nedam Groep of the Netherlands
   GTM Coignet J.V. of France
   Hyundai Engineering Construction Corporation,
           Ltd. of South Korea
   Samsung Co., Ltd. of South Korea
   Saudi de Moel Ltd. of Saudi Arabia
   Skanska Civil Engineering AB of Sweden
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