Since 1981, Asian Construction and Development Corporation (Asiakonstrukt), is a forward-thinking, multi-national commercial contractor/construction manager committed to delivering the highest level of service and superior quality products to valued customers around the world. With the purpose of building great things — great dreams, great teams, great buildings, great relationships — Asiakonstrukt is a truly great company.

Accredited as a “AAA” contractor by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board, Asiakonstrukt has had extensive work experience overseas with major international engineering and construction companies principally in the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean!

Major Awards and Achievements

Gold Award, 1999 Engineering Excellence Award
The New York Association of Consulting Engineers, Inc.


Numerous Outstanding Safety Awards
Bechtel Overseas Corporation, Fluor Daniel Pacific, Inc., LGPP Safety & Security Council, Taisei Corporation


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